Friday, February 3, 2012


This blog's purpose is to provide some political opinion and perspective from someone who is:

1) Not an insane, paid, political pundit
2) A person with a strong grasp of math, science, and morality
3) Not connected to any PAC, Super PAC, Politician/Political group
4) Able to provide uncensored opinion about a great many "Jackals"
5) Un-moved by political pandering.

This blog will be a place to go for real opinion from a real American citizen. Not the opinions of Fox, CNN, or MSNBC, or otherwise.

I take a very centrist, somewhat left leaning view on many of the issues. On some others, I tend to lean right. I don't truly fit the mold of any political party, although I am a registered Democrat. I vote for a candidate based on qualifications, honesty, and ideology. Not party lines.

In any case, this is an exciting time to start a political blog, as election season heats up. Look forward to posts that should make you laugh, cry, and sometimes angry. I hope you enjoy this blog. 

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