Friday, February 3, 2012

The Real Issues of Real Americans (And why politicians don't really care)

Much has been said on this bloody campaign trail for the Presidency in 2012 already, but truly, the campaign run by Barack Obama in 2008 never really ended. The GOP I don't think ever truly accepted the fact that Obama creamed their party in 2008, as well as the super majority the Democrats briefly held in Congress and the White House. What should have been an easy first two years for Obama was marred by constant GOP attacks (from the second he got into office, I remember the pundits on Fox News quickly passing blame for the economy to Obama within one WEEK of his presidency, asking "has Obama failed"?), filibusters which prevent any bill from passing without 60 votes in the Senate, and endless debate in the House.

Indeed Obama could have accomplished much more with the cooperation of both parties. The GOP blame Obama for their fabricated notion that "He's too extreme, a socialist, a Muslim, and a non-citizen". It's pretty laughable, and extremely petty of the GOP. The President blames the GOP for "obstructionism" that he says makes it impossible to pass legislation.

Let's be honest. Both sides in Washington simply hate each other, and the GOP especially hates that they have a liberal black president.  Both sides need to admit they're ineffective and leave service until we can get a "Unity government" again that actually works for the people... ahh but I can dream can't I?

Americans are nowhere near as polarized as the Mainstream News Media, political pundits, or even our politicians would have you believe. The Occupy movement is an inkling of this truth, where a total mix of cultures, political views, and socio-economic classes have gotten together because they can all realize one thing-- government is screwing the people who aren't rich, to help the rich.

You politicians want to know what really matters to real Americans? INCOME EQUALITY. Yes that scary word that the GOP loves to hate. They've demonized it as "class warfare", "Wealth redistribution", "Socialism", "Communism", "European Marxism", and far worse. Ask yourself, why are they so adamant that those who work under a CEO don't deserve higher wages and a better quality of life? Simple. Employees don't buy politicians, CEO's do. Lobbyists do. You? Not a chance.

The other real issues facing "Real Americans" are gas prices, a seemingly stagnate hiring environment, civil rights, the troops coming home from our two useless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (which has not, could not, and would never have solved one damn thing) with PTSD and flooding our communities yet again with tortured war vets who can't function in society as they used to, all while Uncle Sam tries to sweep them under the rug.

Politicians give one rat's ass about all of that. They care about corporations. Because corporations allow them to run wars, steal loot, and keep them as figureheads for a government that has now been bought and paid for by companies like Halliburton, Exxon-Mobile, BP, etc. Hell, the Supreme Court even ruled that "corporations are people" and they can donate unlimited, untraceable funds to their Super PAC's to launch negative ad blitzes.

Frakly America, your government has been absconded with by the super rich CEO's of this world. It's not even just US companies buying political puppets, it's foreign entities and corporations like BP, News Corp (Murdoch is not a US citizen, he is Australian), and Chinese companies, to name a few.

We don't have a democracy anymore kids, we have a corporatocracy, and the sad thing is, we were tricked into voting for it ourselves and willfully giving this power to the corporate world over our government.

Who knows when it started? It probably started from the very birth of our country, and some people would now defend the practice as tradition, and say "This is how America became great". Obviously it works for nobody when 1% of the population has over 80% of the nation's wealth. Its as if the super rich are living money sponges. When the sponges soak up all the money (water), more has to be poured into the bucket (inflation/printing more money). The rich soak it up yet again with interest, tax loopholes, stock trading, hedge funds, commodity futures... creative math to deny everyone else the opportunity to make a real living.

Of course the defense for this argument is "Everyone has the ability to become rich and wealthy". This might be true, however I am not personally willing to break the backs of others so I can stand a little taller, so my car is a little nicer, and my clothes are a bit sharper. My ego, is not that huge.

Being wealthy and powerful takes a certain breed of psychopath. You have to be ruthless, cunning, and willing to fuck anyone over who gets in the way of your goals. I am simply not that person, and I don't think that the majority of Americans are either. I think most of us work hard to have a nice weekend, enjoy the company of friends and family, and simply do our best to stay off of the streets.

How dare politicians speak of "what Americans want" or about "real issues and morality". None of the people in Congress are clean, and even though I personally like Barack Obama, I'm sure he's got some financial skeletons in the closet too. I'm fairly certain our entire government does.

This brings me back to the Occupy movement. The so-called 99%. 99% of people in this country are not millionaires, or billionaires. 99% of us do not make massive salaries, own mansions, yachts, or personal jets. 99% of us work and have seen our wages either stagnate, fall, or even had benefits cut and retirement funds evaporate because the rich needed "our money" to pay their massive debts. If this were any other country but the USA, the whole nation would be in an all-out riot over this... but we have been programmed to remain calm, resilient, and respectful. We would rather Tweet, or blog, or otherwise and trust that our democracy/Republic still works than take to the streets and bring the crooks who got us here to justice. We as citizens are also hopelessly out manned, and out gunned by our police forces, and our own military, so a direct uprising also seems too risky (I think most Americans would agree, we'd rather be alive, than dead).

This is why the Occupy movement exists, to FIND a solution to a problem that seems so hopeless-- cleaning up Washington and politics all over our nation. They don't have a great solution yet, nor do they have a leader. All they know is that our country is in very bad shape and we've let stupid, greedy people run it for far too long. There are no engineers in congress, no scientists, no physicists... mostly Lawyers, Doctors, and Oil Barons. They are simply incapable of thinking as "Average Americans" and don't even know what it's like to struggle paycheck to paycheck... wondering if you can afford food, gas, electric bills, rent, car repairs... they have no clue. They will say they do though.

It is time for us all to really think... and I mean REALLY think about why we vote the way we do (if you vote), and really think about why we keep voting the same people into office. Is it because we really agree? Or is it because when it's time to vote, we associate that process with taking a painfully boring exam and simply rush through it looking for a (D), (R), or (I) to speed things up? Either way we have to change our voting habits to get new people in, old people out, and break up this stagnate two party system that has a stranglehold on our government. We are not being represented. We are being shellacked. 

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