Friday, February 10, 2012

Social Issues - Abortion

Most people in America tend to fall on one side or the other on social issues, with some falling in the "undecided" or "just don't give a crap" category. Whatever your position on the social issues of today (LGBT relations, abortion, religious freedoms, etc), chances are you have an opinion, and "yer stickin' to it". However, since you're reading my blog, allow me to present some opinions on these subjects from an objective, scientific point of view, and hopefully make you laugh a little too.

Firstly, I want to tackle the abortion issue.

Decades ago now, the Supreme Court of the United States heard the case Roe v Wade. This case was to be the end-all-be-all decision on whether or not abortion and abortion services were a woman's right to have. The court ruled in favor of women, stating that they have the right to pursue an abortion if they choose to.

This decision of course has enraged people on the other side of the argument, for which there is a very vocal dissenting group. Mainly, the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations considers abortion to be a form of murder. Scientists, and doctors are on the other side of this debate, arguing that an unborn child is not in fact a conscious being capable of feeling pain, nor is its brain developed enough to suffer the procedure until the third trimester. The problem is for all sides... the debate was settled by the Supreme Court during a very long, very arduous hearing. The court ruled in favor of science.

This does not stop the debate from raging in the media, amongst friends, and in ethics classes everywhere around the world.  Conservatives tend to be for "protecting life" (even though they may in fact be endangering a pregnant mother in the proccess..), while liberals and the scientific community tend to be for discretion and choice depending on the situation the pregnant mother is in.

The facts are often blurred by passions, and the voices of the reasonable, and sane, are often drowned out by shouts, picketers, and graphic images. When a minority or otherwise becomes upset to the point of violence... it's time to get the facts straight.

The facts are that nobody, especially the religious, knows more about the subject of abortions than the doctors who perform them. That being said, the latest snafu with Obama and religious groups, is that he wants every insurance provider to cover abortion procedures. The Catholics say no, and have cried foul, saying they should not pay for something they oppose. This is where I get funny about it. If your religion doesnt allow abortions, but you have to pay for them should they happen, and one of YOUR FLOCK gets an abortion who are you more mad at. The insurance company that says "hey, we cover that", or the woman who got knocked up and decided "you know what, I know I'm Catholic and all, but I just HAVE to have an abortion."

This crazy amount of anger directed at the president for something people aren't even fully thinking about or pondering, is to me, outrageous. Why are the loud ass carnival barkers the only people in this country that ever get heard? Why is it the crazy, looney people out there, are your GOP, Tea Party, Occupy, or Waether Undergound types? GOP morons are so incensed about this, I do believe we will see more attacks on clinics, because these jackaninnies have no restraint whatsoever. You offend someone who is capable of being "deeply offended" by something this stupid, well it's a wonder we don't all walk outside with Kevlar vests, because I'm certain every day, every one of you is capable of offending someone.

What happened to the days where we would let things go. Say "Thats fine for you, but I won't do it?". Why is our culture so freakishly concerned with what EVERYONE BUT YOU is doing?

How about this. Freedom is the ability to live your life how you see fit, free from a government telling you what you have to do. Period. Let me do what the hell I want, and I'll do the same for you. I am just SO glad I was not born a woman, that is just not fair. I guess women's rights only go as far as... jobs? Voting? Pathetic.

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