Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Need for A Political Party Of Nerds And Geeks

Let's face it. Either side of the fence that you're on, you're dissatisfied with the way government works. It's slow to accomplish tasks or citizen mandates. It's quarrelsome, cantankerous, and downright corrupt. Any of these qualities in a software system, and you wouldn't buy it. That's why we love our computers, our smart phones, and our tablets. They're convenient, they do what you tell them to, and they produce results via output. Very different from government.

Technology has undeniably revolutionized our world. While politics are definitely involved in the deployment, funding of research and development, and enforcement of trade laws, technology is an innately human, and public creation. Electrical engineering doesn't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat, it either works, or it doesn't. The light either turns on and off, or doesn't work. Computers either work or they don't, and there are many choices of computer system. There is no middle ground with technology, only logic and functionality... and it works.

The people who invent, maintain, and ergonomically design technology are the engineers, the designers, and technicians. These are the people who built our current world. People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and countless others. Developers, digital engineers, architects. These are the people who make our reality what it is today. A land of convenience, of instant gratification, instant communication spanning worldwide. The people in government? Mostly lawyers who haven't built a damn thing int heir life, or come up with one invention that actually made our lives a better place. There are a rare few, but very rare indeed.

Our current political system, with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents ruling most offices begs the question. Why do we hire people to govern areas of our lives that have absolutely no experience in more than one industry? Imagine for a moment that we changed our system of government to accommodate not to the ambitious or the silver-tonged, but to people who actually know how to solve extremely complex problems using actual math, statistics, etc, and had the power to actually implement solutions. Imagine not one Governor of a state for example, but a team of highly skilled nerds that are given a problem to solve by their congress, come up with the most logical, efficient (taking in all factors and variables as math), and ethical by most standards, and that team giving that bill to the congress for "debugging". I bet you 100% that system is more effective than a bunch of ego-maniacal narcissists debating endlessly and using majorities to overpower one another.

Software development is an exact science. In order for you to enjoy using a program, and having it be intuitive, millions of lines of code are written, debugged, and compiled into one workable solution. The software is regularly updated to plug vulnerabilities and performance issues. End user input is looked at, promptly verified, and solutions are found if the end-user is having trouble with a certain system. Tech centers are available to assist you, with knowledgeable people out to help you really solve your issue, and make you smile while doing it.

So why can't government work this way? I think it can. I think government needs to be updated to Democracy 2.0, using the software development model to legislate real ideas and test them in simulation centers, after debugging by honest science-minded, non egotistical engineers. You can easily design software to take into account demographics (sex, race, religion, population, etc) while overlaying this data into a map like Google Earth, and inputting the existing laws into the computer to see how new ones affect things like the economy, job sectors, and more. Believe me, by this point in time, we have an overwhelming wealth of global statistical data to easily make a mock-up of our globe in every aspect. We can even incorporate real-time data.

Plainly spoken, a government by the people and for the people must be developed and maintained by the people. Lawyers and businessmen belong in court rooms and business. Not in office. Programmers, inventors, engineers... people who KNOW how to build the planet we live on, and maintain it, need to be in charge. These people are as diverse as they come as far as race, color, creed... and they still, every day, find a way to work together to bring you the most amazing technology in human history. From light bulbs to microprocessors, from the first airplane to the space shuttle, from a horse and buggy to a sports car... these are the people who can solve tomorrow's problems. Not lawyers, businessmen, and ego-maniacs.

There needs to be a political party for people in this category. If I had the time, or the energy, I would be the first person to attempt to coalesce this new party, but I'm not that guy. I'm hoping this motivates someone to do it though, as I think America sorely needs a fresh perspective. Not just for humanity, but for the sake of our way of life. Technology is outpacing government, and making many parts of it irrelevant. The two need to be married, but with the caveat of taking those who do not understand it out of positions to control it. It can be done. The question is how... and when?