Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Must Be Stopped - And Probably Will Be

The USA is still recovering from what is arguably the WORST recession in our history, which was 8 years in the making by George W Bush. Bush deregulated banks, lowered taxes, even gave a so-called stimulus (which amounted to about $350-$700 depending on whether you were an individual or family, and this stipend likely got spent on your overdue credit card bills). Obama has had 3.5 years thus far in turning the economy around, and while things are not great, returning to the policies of George W Bush would be a coup-de-gras for big business and modern day slavery.

Here's the thing. CEO's, millionaires, and billionaires actually PROFITED from the recession. Yes, as they seized properties, traded debts, repossessed, hedged, and bet on the markets, us lil folk were out there scraping for ANY job that would hire us, or going into debt by going back to school. All while people like Mitt were downsizing, liquidating, and otherwise pissing away our American wealth to countries like China. Obama came along and tried to stop that, but challenging big money means big opposition and BOY did the other team show up to play.

The Tea Party (which originally stood for "Taxed Enough Already") somehow got it in their heads that 'those damned liberals are taking all of our tax money to live large without working'. Kinda hard for me to swallow that one when the biggest beneficiaries of welfare are REPUBLICAN strongholds. SO they've successfully convinced a gourp of people to vote against their own self-interest, a group of people, who in 2010 swet over 30 Tea Party supporters into congress... each had ties to big oil, and the Koch brothers... not exactly 'grass roots', but the rich know an opportunity for profit when they see one.

This election is about more than Obama vs Romney. This election will decide, for the next four years, who is at the signing desk. A guy who wants to enable billionaires to profit EVEN MORE (fuck man, what would you do with even ONE billion dollars??? And why would you need MORE?), and a guy who wants EVERYONE to have a good life int he RICHEST country in the world. I don't know about you, but I have been in my career for nearly 13 years. In those 13 years, my raises stopped at about 5 years ago... Before Obama was elected.

We have an INJURED economy but it is healing. Bruises take a long time to fade, and it takes even longer for our broken legs. Bush had 8 years to ruin the American dream, Obama has had 3.5 to repair it, and has had to face a unified Republican opposition party that will NOT NEGOTIATE with this president... does that mean we all throw in the towel and say 'Fuck it, lets give it to the guy who congress will play ball with?'. Hell no, not if it means that corporate slavery is on the agenda, I am overworked enough as it is and barely have time for my girlfriend or my hobbies!! Weekends are too short, and free time too scarce.

I'm going to vote for Obama because yes, the alternative is far worse. If perhaps another third party candidate had a significant amount of the vote, such as Green Party candidate Jill Stein, I might throw my support her way, but a vote for her is really a vote for Romney at this point, and that shall not do, not at all.

Romney showed his true colors when he was secretly taped the other week, which the video came out yesterday. In this video, he basically says 47% of Americans aren't worth the snot off his nose, and he could give less of a crap about them. He then goes on to accuse low wage earners of simply being lazy (I guess he forgets there are such things as janitors, and the federal minimum wage hasn't been raised in more than a decade). Fuck this guy. Seriously. How much of a twat do you need to be to insult HALF OF THE UNITED STATES and somehow think you deserve to be president. Clearly this man is not half as good a CEO as he thinks. A real CEO knows how to take CARE of his employees and that it is an awesome responsibility to run a company and ensure everyone's well being... but I think he sees business as a game of exploitation and monetary vampirism.

You're reading the blog of one man who will literally flee the country if the neo cons take hold again (and if you are a neo con, I am certain you won't miss me... the feeling will be mutual).

You cannot run a country that is as diverse, both socially and economically, and expect to do good on the world stage. You cannot run this country if you don't get what it means to live on top ramen and drive a rusty car to school each day with the aspiration of getting a new car when you become successful. Romney was handed a fortune by his father and did not earn, or build shit. The entire GOP platform is built on smoke, mirrors, and evil nasty lies. And I for one am not fooled.