Monday, November 19, 2012

Obama Won, So What's Next?

Reading the news, you would think the far right would do some serious soul searching, maybe a change of obstructionist behavior, and flat out (sometimes) treasonous behavior that have characterized the last 2 years.  After the shellacking the GOP received on election day, numerous failed predictions by right wing illuminati such as Karl Rove or Rush Limbaugh, and after a decisive loss to President Barack Obama, you'd think that the GOP would at least look itself in the mirror and try to figure out what went wrong, and how to bring their party back to a point where Americans respect them. Yeah, you'd think that... but you'd be wrong.

The president's first term started off with partisan obstinance. From Mitch McConnel's famous "Our Primary goal as a party will be to make Obama a one-term president" to Rush Limbaugh's line "I want Obama to fail", it seemed that since Obama has been elected, the right decided not to work with a sitting president and indeed seemed hell bent on his destruction. Well, that strategy failed. So did the strategy of demonizing social programs, the strategy of hawkish military and warlike language. So did the strategy of demonizing liberals, the poor, and the needy. So what strategy will they use now?

Well, first you have to understand the GOP mantra. They will NEVER apologize for mistakes, for rhetoric, or even offensive comments like "I believe that rape is god's will", or "47% of American's are freeloaders". No, they double down, because apparently apologizing is tantamount to weakness. So what can we expect? Well, now that they lost an election, I'd say they move to attempt to impeach Obama, but that is a scenario I see as unlikely, since it would appear that they simply will do this to every elected Democrat president.

The GOP for some reason or another have scared themselves into really believeing Obama is going to destroy America. They are afraid he's "gunna take their guns", make "war on religion", and make us look weak around the world by-- get this, actually talking to other countries instead of bombing them (I know, crazy right?). This fervent distrust of Obama has turned the GOP into the party of "no", and the party of blatant disrespect for the office of the Presidency. And they will not stop now, even after Obama won and the voters spoke.

No, what the GOP are about to do will go far beyond what they have done in the past. Like I said, they don't learn from mistakes, they double down on them.

I believe we are witnessing the implosion of the GOP. They have descended the path of madness to the point where they are now so deranged by Obama being a black man in the White House that they are going to do everything short of impeachment (they'd definitely attempt this if they had the votes, I assure you) to tarnish and slime the president and the Democratic party, and for what? To get back into power and mess up the country all over again?

The GOP agenda is a little bit beyond just the president however.

If you look at history, and the states that were very much for slavery, those are today's red states. Slavery is gone, however the desire by the South that it would have won the civil war still remains strong in local traditions. Those states voted against Obama, and the "Yankee" states voted for him. This is not a coincidence. There is a tacit racism that still pervades, and the GOP are part of it. They want slavery to return, but how on earth could they do that without tarnishing their much beloved "party of Lincoln" moniker? Well, here's how.

The South was livid when slavery was taken away. But they saw a long term opportunity to enslave all Americans with money and power rather than race or country of origin. The dream here is that the super rich can get super-richer when they pay employees less and less, and make the working population so desperate, they'll do anything for a buck. This is why the GOP attack Unions, which represent and negotiate for employees, benefits, sick days, vacations, you know, the stuff that makes work worth working for. This is the first step in enslaving not just blacks, Chinese, or Irish, but all of us who aren't in the millionaire's club.

You might call me crazy, and accuse me of being every bit as deranged as the GOP loonies, but hear me out.

This is exactly how you turn America into a slave nation:

Step 1) Kill the American economy. While bin Laden surely did a number with 9/11, the stock market crash and housing bubble was completely a problem of our own creation. Indeed, this was orchestrated by bankers to look like an accident, killing the middle class, and lowering the bar for the working class, so that the banks appeared to be the victims. They got bailed out, and the Middle class was ignored. This caused a huge loss of jobs, and now you have a populace that is so desperate for work, that they'll take any job that they can just to feed themselves and keep a roof over their head.

Step 2) Attack unions. Attacking unions and attempting to legislate them out of both politics, and public job negotiations means that CEO's get ultimate power to decide what they like for their employees. It also enables CEO's to adopt this "go fend for yourself" attitude, and deny workers benefits like pensions, 401k, health care (which thankfully Obamacare mitigated!), vacation time, etc all under the guise of "Oh, us poor CEO's are just ravaged by greedy unions! How dare they ask for fair employment! They get what they get!". This creates an entirely separate class of American. For get the have's and have not's. It is the Have-it-all's and I-don't-have-shit(s)! Then they have successfully backed even those WITH jobs into ultimate subservience.

Step 3) Make it law. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's anti-union legislation was struck down by the high courts, but it did set precedent for what I'm talking about. Walker's plan to disallow Union bargaining for public workers was so blatantly part of this GOP scheme to reinvent slavery for the 21st century, I'm surprised that nobody noticed. Funded by the Koch brothers' Tea Party operations, Walker came into Wisconsin promising budget reforms, but immediately blasted those 'greedy unions' (like police, firefighters, teachers, you know, the shit that matters) as the problem (of course not corporate welfare to farmers, and oil companies, no that's not a problem at all), and proceeded to attempt to take all power away from unions. The same sort of legislation was introduced in California (thankfully it was defeated) that would have allowed only CEOs to donate to political campaigns, and make it illegal for unions to do so. Effectively, the GOP is trying to get blue collar workers out of politics, and make it all about the money.

Step 4) Elect Mitt Romney - Thank my lucky stars this did not happen. This would have been the absolute nail in the coffin for working Americans. He would have lowered the Federal Minimum wage, introduced anti-union legislation  outsourced jobs to the point we are starving, all while telling us with a smile that he was balancing the budget.

Step 5) Kill all entitlements in order to get more forced labor into the market. Disabled? Fuck you, get to work. Hungry? Fuck you, get a job. Under-qualified? Get a college loan, go into debt, then spend the rest of your natural life paying it off. Oh yes, and fuck you, you non millionaire serf.

Listen in order to really get what I'm saying, follow the damn money. The buck does NOT stop at the president's desk, it stops at the Koch Brothers, George Soros, The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the JP Morgans. Look at who every politician in the GOP were funded by and you will immediately see how badly our government is being bought and paid for by corporate psychopaths. This is the GOP plan. Kill the middle class, destroy unions, dominate the USA economy and laugh all the way to the bank. Because in the twisted world of Ayn Rand, greed is virtuous, and the have nots can just lie in a ditch and die.

We are DAMN lucky that we can avoid this shit for another 4 years, but it won't last forever. The GOP more than ever have developed absolute contempt for Democrats and anything left of right. They are true believers that half of this country is worthless. That's over 60,000,000 of you Americans that they see as expendable. It is way too early to talk about 2016, but if we don't look forward to the future, we're gunna get caught with our pants down. The GOP is a corporation. The Democrats are still hanging by a thread to the last shred of real democracy our republic has, but the end game is near. The GOP will rally, they will demonize, and they will raise retarded amounts of money in order to buy this country, and you with it.

Mark my words.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

California Moves Ahead

In my hometown of San Diego, CA, many things were on the ballot for California, and many of them extremely crucial for the health of the state. Almost everything I hoped would pass has, and the Mayor of San Diego will  now be Democrat Bob Filner, who's endorsement by Bill Clinton no doubt helped sway some minds, even with a pitiful voter turnout of around 250,000 people out of nearly 6 million.

First, prop 30, which raises taxes a very small 0.25% on people making $250,000 a year or more, will fund California schools using a special fund that will be audited regularly with a transparent system online so you can see exactly where all the money goes. Early indications were that it might have been defeated (which would be very bad news for my teacher girlfriend!), but after about 95% of precincts reported, the law seems destined to pass with nearly 54% support. This is a temporary four year tax to address budget shortfalls that have crippled many school districts in California. Hooray for this!

Prop 32 seems destined for failure. Prop 32 would have made it illegal for union members to donate to union political funds through their payroll, giving unprecedented power to CEO's and silencing organized labor voices. At this time, the law appears to be behind by double-digits. Californians know what's up!

Prop 38, like prop 30, would have funded schools, but only K-8 education, and  lost by a wide margin. This would have raised sales taxes (for everyone), and would be a very temporary measure. The thing is, either bill would have helped schools, but even if voters voted for both of them, only one would have been made into law. So the fact that sales taxes will not go up on everyone, and only the people making $250,000 or more per year will be very minimally affected, this is a great outcome for California.

Proposition 37, which was decried by food industries and lauded by environmentalists and foodies, appears also destined for failure, losing by around 9 points. This law would have required food makers to label whether or not their products were genetically modified. Why did this fail? Do people not want to know what's in their food? What of the "pink slime" fiasco, or the "Millions Against Monsanto" movement? Well, when you have a state like California, with lots and lots of farmland, and many many genetic labs across the state, you have a perfect storm for this to be defeated and heavily lobbied against. While I would love to know if my food has been modified to kill off bugs, I honestly don't think this will affect much in the grand scheme of things for now.

The food industry was crying and screaming about how this would doom them (as if people even read food labels out here except for serving/calorie info), and I suppose their shrill cries of imminent destruction were heard loud and clear by those who are fooled by such nonsense. Oh well. Maybe one day when we start having a dramatic rise in cancer that is tied to genetically modified meat or veggies, the Federal Government would take action. I can dream.

One very silly thing that did NOT pass was a law that would have granted discounts to drivers if they had insurance with ANY carrier prior to switching companies. The current law only requires a discount if you have been with the same company for a few years. I do not have any idea why voters would vote against their own discount for being good drivers. Sometimes, ads can be quite convincing even if they are against your own best interest. This one sort of shocked me. Can't win them all.

All in all though, California will be in much better shape as Gov. Jerry Brown tackles the budget mess left  by the last two governors (Davis and Schwarzenegger), and it seems that at least in my camp (liberal), people are quite happy. It also seems that nationally, the GOP have some soul searching to do. I watched an interview with former GOP Chair Michael Steele in which he stated "We got spanked", and he mentioned that there will likely be some intra-party soul searching as to who they need to be listening to, and how the demographics of America are changing away from a solid white majority (which right now, the GOP definitely represents White Evangelical Christians). It will be interesting to see if the GOP can re-invent themselves and dislodge themselves from the grip of religion and Caucasians to embrace a more socially tolerant stance (the idea that gays cannot marry is becoming less and less popular with Republican voters).

In any case, America, I salute you. We have re-elected President Barack Obama, shown Romney the door, and by and large I think EVERYONE can be relieved that this NASTY campaign is finally over, the ads can stop, and your email inbox will be a bit lighter.