Monday, December 17, 2012

A Plea to Gun Owners.

Hi folks,

I've been away from the blog for a bit, but I am back in action.

I'm going to talk about the tragic massacre at Sandy Hill Elementary that occurred a few days ago.

First, my girlfriend is an elementary school teacher, and it breaks my heart to think about if she ever had something like that happen at her school. We all know now that this is totally possible, and for me, this hit close to home.

I grew up not two blocks from one of America's very first school mass killings. In 1980, Brenda Spencer shot and killed many people at her school, from the window of her house that was across the street. Her explanation for the rampage was simply "I don't like Mondays".

I also live quite close to Santana High School, where a similar incident occurred. I witnessed on live TV the events at Columbine in Colorado.

Frankly, I am quite sick of seeing this happen to people who in no way shape or form deserve to live in such peril at the hands of certifiable maniacs who somehow get a hold of guns.

I have some real suggestions for everyone out there. If, you or a family member is mentally ill, please don't own a gun, or guns. Please don't teach anyone how to use, fire, or reload a gun if you have any doubts about their mental stability or character. Please don't continue to tell me "Guns are our rights and these things happen".

There is a very big difference in owning a hand pistol, to owning a rifle that belongs on a military battlefield. You have NO practical reason to own such a weapon of mass death.

Yes, it takes a human to fire a gun. It also takes a human to manufacture it, advertise it, sell it, and to use it.

Maybe people, it is time we all take a good look at why we really like guns. Is it our Western history? Is it nostalgia? Is it paranoia? Whatever it is, things like this make me look at a gun and literally want to be sick. I am sick of the culture of 'badass' that our country seems to worship. Guns kill so many people in America each year, the only killer to top guns is tobacco, yet we seem, as a nation, to want everything that is bad for us to be part of our doctrine of freedom.

If you own a gun, or guns, I beg and plead of you 5 things.

1) Get a gun safe with biometric I.D. and a passcode, and make sure nobody can open it.
2) Don't buy automatic rifles because you think they are cool. You have no reason to own one, and you know it. I really don't care if it makes you 'feel like a man' or powerful, or anything. I do not trust you with such a weapon.
3) Stop trying to get your friends to come shooting with you, and pushing your love of guns on others. This gets the wrong people interested in owning them.
4) If you have kids, get rid of your guns or put the guns in storage out of the house until they move out. If you're really paranoid about people coming to get you, maybe you need to evaluate your life, and stop thinking of taking lives.
5) Please stop thinking of shooting guns as "a fun hobby", and start realizing you are playing with a very lethal force. Please stop playing with guns like they are toys.

None of the above ideas require a gun law. None of those ideas are draconian or impractical, and none of these ideas are things that will infringe upon your OH SO PRECIOUS right to own your vaunted killing machines.

It is time to grow up, America. It is simply unacceptable in the 21st century for us to be this damned savage to each other.