Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gun Violence And The American Ostrich

What's the first thing that happens when someone challenges your long held belief? Do you close your mind and say they couldn't possibly be right, or do you listen and consider what that side says? Or do you do what most Americans do, and just stick your head in the sand like an ostrich?

The multiple mass shootings in the past years; Santana High School, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and just today at Taft Highschool in CA all occurred when one person decided to kill many. The weapon of choice was not a knife, a sword, or a fist. The weapons of choice were high capacity guns, and guns capable of doing a wide 'cone of damage', ie: shotguns, and assault rifles.

While I have previously stated in a past blog a few of my ideas to combat gun violence (you can see them there), I want to talk about another issue. Your unwillingness to look at facts, accept them, and then use those given facts to come up with a solution. Yes, you, America. The nation that sits on its ass day in and day out, trolling about the Internet, giving your unsolicited nuggets of wisdom to masses of people who didn't ask for it. This is a blog, so you came here to hear my opinion.

The facts are that the United States is the most violent nation on the planet. Over 30,000 people are killed every year in our country due to gun violence. To put that into perspective, Mexico, which our media tells us is in a terrible life and death struggle with drug cartels, has had 30,000 people murdered by guns... in 10 years, not one. Oh and we sold them them guns too. We manufactured them, sold them to an American, and that American broke the law, and sold the guns to Mexican gangs.

Or lets look at Yemen, a country that has no real government. We gave them guns, and they turned them on their own people. You could say that their culture is different, but you'd be mistaken if you don't think we don't have blood on our hands.

Look, America, it is time to cease being the "John Wayne" of the planet. You cant give guns to criminals and then tell me "Hey, the criminals have guns, so should we!". You're like a burrito company that also sells antacid. You create the problem, and pretend to create the solution. It's a firearm circle jerk, and somehow you get off on this. It has to stop.

You also can't look me in the eye, and tell me you have a heart when 20+ kids just got slaughtered by a maniac with a machine gun, and say this wouldn't have happened if the principle had a pistol. Guess what else he probably didn't have? Balls, a set of bullet proof body armor, or a very large paycheck. These are factors, despite your black and white worldview.

Nobody in this country has the gall to suggest we should get rid of all guns. Pistols are perfectly reasonable for self defense, and yes, a shotgun could take down a bear or other invasive wildlife that might enter your home... but come on, these things happen but once or twice a year. I don't hear a lot of stories of people who legitimately defended themselves with a gun. What I hear are stories of people shooting their spouse, kids, or significant other, and subsequently taking the easy way out by killing themselves.

Your silly fear of government 'coming to get ya' is really stupid. If they wanted to, they could. So many ways they'd never even need to see you or your gun. You're telling me you can compete with the CIA, the FBI, the DEA, the ATF, and the NID... and you're so very wrong. So you're not gunna use your gun to fight the government. A "regulated militia" as defined in the constitution is not the same as that wacko in Alaska who just got arrested.  When the constitution was written, both the military and the people had muskets. This was the frontier. You needed them to hunt food, to defend against people, and you needed them as a very practical tool of living. Now that we have processed foods, preservatives, etc, you don't need to hunt anymore. You WANT to hunt. Now that we have a civil police force, you don't need to worry about being the only sheriff in town. Your taxes pay for your protection, you are not a vigilante, and you don't need to be one.

Listen, we all buy into slogans sometimes. It's a fact, that human beings are ready and willing to accept catchy new phrases like "Guns don't kill people, people kill people". But they're just slogans. Guns can kill without being fired. Bullets can explode if its too hot, if the gun is dropped by accident, if you're cleaning it and it misfires... they are dangerous. Kids get killed all the time when they find a bullet left by some careless asshole on the street. They put them in their pockets and the things blow up if they fall.

But OK America, here's the real deal. You want to act like a kid who's gunna get his toy taken away and throws a fit? Rationalize every reason to have a tool of death? Fine, the adults will take away your toy. We will scold you, and give it back when you can be responsible. I for one have had enough of this horse shit. You can take your guns and turn them on yourself for all I care, or you can grow a conscience and realize that nothing you say or do makes guns a good thing. Nothing. They are used to kill, that is their purpose. And we really love to kill, it seems. Endless wars, Hollywood, Video games, gee... I wonder what the problem is. But you can't blame Hollywood if you don't blame a love of guns. They're just selling you what you want. It is YOU who has to change. Please do.

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