Thursday, October 10, 2013

Notes On The Shutdown

So the US government shutdown continues into its 9th or 10th day, and here we are, American citizen voters picking sides, blaming (probably) our opposing parties for this mess, when really we should look into what is really going on, and taking action against it. This shutdown isn't about Obamacare. It's not about the debt ceiling. It's about the Tea Party and the Koch brothers. It is about the future of this country, and those with the drive to shape it... for better or worse.

The Tea Party was created in the late years of the Bush administration as a grassroots conservative movement (although you will hear the occasional supporter say "hey, we have liberals here too", it's really not that true...). This movement started out with people (who really don't understand government or the tax system) rallying around a guy by the name of Grover Norquist, who has insisted that GOP legislators in the House and Senate sign his 'no tax pledge'. 95% of conservative lawmakers have signed this pledge to "NEVER raise taxes". This puts lawmakers in a real shitty position, and us even more so.

Nobody voted for Norquist to be in government. He's not an elected official, yet he has every conservative lawmaker obeying his ill-conceived 'pledge' that paralyses the legislative process by making typically normal procedures of raising taxes for inflation, adjusting taxes to balance state and federal budgets impossible. The end result of never raising taxes is a crumbling infrastructure, reduced ability for the government to purchase goods and services, and of course, the eventual shrinkage of government to the point where it is so weak, corporations run roughshod over our nation and run the damn thing.

The point is, Norquist's idea that Americans shouldn't be taxed and contribute to a healthy and robust government infrastructure is stupid, frightening, and wrong. But there are those people, the Tea Partiers, that agree 100% with this position, and here we are today. Our government is paralyzed, and services that (surprise surprise) depend on a working and open federal government, such as national parks and memorials,  veteran benefits, agencies like the FDA, USDA, FCC, FBI, CIA, Pentagon, etc are either shut down or running with skeleton crews. 

Back to the Tea Party. After Norquist and friends created this Tea Party movement within the framework of so-called 'conservatism', this 'grassroots' party was immediately noticed and backed by the powerful Koch brothers, and Koch Industries - one of America's largest energy conglomerates (power stations, oil, etc) and richest families in America. The Koch brothers are worth BILLIONS of dollars, and regularly try to influence government decisions in their favor by way of lobbying for laws that favor them. And of course, they are BIG supporters of getting so called 'big government' out of their way.

You see, to the Koch brothers, human beings are a commodity to be exploited for their purposes. When you are on top of the world like they are, you got there by exploiting labor, exploiting intelligence, exploiting natural resources, and of course, exploiting ignorance to their advantage. The Tea Party is ignorant of the fact that they are now voluntary tools of these brothers. They now have their very own political wing which they can direct to do their bidding through subtle methods such as Super PAC's affiliated with the tea party (and fully funded by their now anonymous donations), and can easily fund or finance massive campaigns to place people in office that they want. 

This would have been business as normal, as lobbyists and corporate influence has ALWAYS been a part of American politics, from the Rockefellers, to the Rothschilds, to the JP Morgan's. But something changed recently that should terrify you, and catch you up to where we are today. A group called "Citizens United" (a real insidious name for a group that has nothing to do with uniting citizens, whatsoever) filed a Supreme Court case directly challenging limits to campaign contributions by corporations and individuals. The conservative-leaning Supreme Court along with Tea Party darling Chief Justice John Roberts, ruled in favor of Citizens United, and decreed (of course without any input from the American citizens) that money constitutes free speech - that's right, they have made it a reality that "Money talks, bullshit walks", and made it law. 
So now, the Koch Brothers, and other ultra-rich players like the liberal-leaning George Soros, are able to flood the politiscape with their money unchecked, unfettered, and unrestrained. They can simply pick a guy that will do what they want to, fund a campaign, get him elected, and have their very own representatives in government.

Now we're seeing the results of this VERY dangerous tactic. The government shutdown.

The Tea Party, since it has been created, has been on this mantra that less government is good government, and if it would simply get the fuck out of the way, "REAL Americans" would whip this country into shape. They believe that taxes are unconstitutional, and that Government is this big, evil monster that is so out of control, their future kids will live in some sort of dystopian Mad Max style reality where we all ride around in dune buggies looking for road kill to feast on. And Obama is the harbinger of this new world order.

As asinine as that sounds, this is what they actually believe. Which is GREAT for the Koch brothers, because now they have an army of ill-educated fanatics to help them destroy the government that is stopping them from taking over the country world.

So, since 2009, the Tea Party has been plotting to literally destroy the government, its credibility, and its ability to 'tell us what to do', all in the (really bizarre) name of "Patriotism, freedom, and liberty", which I am not entirely certain they understand what those things are. The Koch brothers and their billions of 'talking dollars' have effectively dumbed down government so badly with the Tea Party people, that their own claims about 'government being stupid, and bad for the people' are coming true! This is called a 'self fulfilling prophecy' in which you say "Hey, just watch, under OBAMA, the government's going to get REALLY bad, and you'll see that I was right all along", and then proceed to make it happen by sabotaging the president, and the government. This is exactly what is occurring right now.

The old establishment GOP are not amused by this. In fact, they fear the Tea Party almost as much as any rational American does. They just can't stop it because they have a really funny rule (created by Reagan and furthered by that troll Newt Gingrich) that you must NEVER EVER EVER say a bad thing about another Republican (which is really becoming quite impossible now). They have also made GOP canon a rule they call "the Hastert Rule" after Congressman Dennis Hastert, which states that no bill in the House will come to the floor without majority GOP support. Meaning they outright REFUSE to entertain a Democrat idea, or work with them. Their way or the highway. This is no way to do business to begin with, but throw in Tea Party obstinance, with Koch bro's marching orders, and you see where we end up today.

The GOP establishment now finds itself in a very difficult position indeed. Do they buck the insane Tea Party anarchists in government (and yes, they ARE anarchists. Anarchy is defined as a nation or people with no central government, and that is exactly what they are trying to create... in the name of 'freedom' - yeah, freedom to riot, loot, and get yourself fucking killed) and deal with Democrats, effectively dooming their future elections to failure, and returning the country to 'those fucking libtards' (as they so gleefully chant these days)... or do they keep marching to the orders of the Tea Party and Koch Industries? Neither option is very good... they have been hoodwinked and bamboozled by their very own desires - to have powerful corporate backers that help them win elections.

The only problem is that now those very corporate backers own them, and can do with them as they please. And with ease.

More than likely, after this Tea-tantrum winds down, cooler heads will prevail, and a budget will be passed, but not after the damage has been done.

This is a game of Chess for the Koch brothers. They have the US government check-and-mate. They have effectively sabotaged what could have been a great Democrat president/administration, they have effectively destroyed any remaining trust the American people had in their government, and not only that, they have succeeded in using their pawns (the Tea Party 'grassroots') to shut down the most powerful government in the world under the guise of 'fiscal responsibility'. Truly, if you cannot see what they are doing, I feel incredibly sorry for you, because this is the future of our country.

The future of this country, like many countries before it, is a descent into fascism.

Benito Mussolini, one of the premier fascists next to Adolf Hitler, once stated "Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." Once corporate interests control government, they can manipulate it to do what they want. Lower wages for bigger profits? SURE! NO PROBLEM! Having to provide health benefits to your work force? Fuck that! Let's make it sound like 'Freedom' to deny those benefits, and send that money to our corporate insurance friends! Minorities becoming a problem? Lobby for and successfully pass laws that keep the White Man in power! Ideas floating around you don't like? Buy the media companies and tell the masses what YOU want them to hear, and further influence government.

So before you go ranting and raving that the Democrats are in any way responsible for this shutdown, go ahead and fact check this article. No, REALLY do it. And then come to me and say that the Democrats are the bad guys here. All they fucking tried to do was make it affordable for you to see a damn doctor when you need to without going broke or getting denied. This shutdown is SO not about Obamacare. It is about the end-game strategy by the USA's biggest corporations to OWN the government, and eventually, own you. It is not the government, elected by and for the people, that you should worry about. It is the Citizens United decision. It is the fact that it is now a law that corporations can buy your government and you are voting for THEIR representatives, not yours.

Pretty fucking scary.