Monday, December 30, 2013

Ted Cruz And Tea Party Birthers

A fuck up this epic should have made Texas Rep.Ted Cruz supporters bring out the rope, tar and feathers, but this will likely be another one of those situation where his party gives him (and others like him) a pass. The issue? Ted Cruz, an Obama birther and Tea Party darling, recently 'found out' (yeah right) that he was in fact a dual citizen with Canadian/US citizenship (and probably Cuban too!). While the world had long known he was born in Canada to US and Cuban parents, he apparently didn't realize he was a Canadian citizen.

Far be it from me to question his word here, but it seems this topic just MIGHT have come up during family dinner at least once or twice in his young adult life, but I digress. One thing is certain though, his situation where he has now apparently hired lawyers to directly ENSURE that his Canadian citizenship, and all things Canada are completely obliterated from his record to prove just how gosh-darn patriotic he is, is fucking laughable.

Ted Cruz fancies a run for the presidency of the US, and having been a rabid birther who questioned Obama's citizenship and thus his legitimacy as a President, finds himself in the very situation he's falsely accused Obama of being in! And the word from the Tea Party? Fuckin' crickets. Big surprise.

The Tea Party is probably the biggest party of goddamned hypocrites this nation has ever seen, and that's a tall order seeing as the Republican party says it's going to do one thing, then does the complete fucking opposite. National Security? Shit, we let 9/11 happen! Individual freedom, privacy and liberty?? Here's the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, the NSA, NID, DHS, and of course, we'd also like to be in the bedroom and your vagina too. Yeah, you get the picture.

Nope, the Tea Baggers will spin this and say that the same situation doesn't apply to Ted Cruz. Unlike Obama, Cruz is a god-fearing Christian, and looks white, so obviously they're going to come up with the defense that he's a 'Natural Born' citizen, even though he was born in slightly socialist Canada, to a communist father, and Yankee mom. Unlike the fantasy that Obama is a secret-Kenyan-socialist-Marxist-Muslim-Atheist-Antichrist, Cruz's story is explained away as "well, he didn't WANT to be a Canadian, and well gosh durnit, now that he's a Republican, he's OK."

This again will be the party line from the douchebags who want Arnold Schwarzenegger elected president, and they're out to change the constitution to make that happen.

Here's the ACTUAL law so that we're all clear on what a bunch of horse hockey this is.

If you are born of even ONE US parent, you ARE a 'natural born citizen', regardless of what hospital helped your mom squirt you out. You can in fact be born in Kenya, Russia, Suriname, fuckin Egypt, it does NOT matter. Obama was born in Hawaii, undisputedly, to a white mother from Kansas who was living in Hawaii. Even IF she gave birth to Barack Obama in another country, their argument that he's not natural born is STILL invalid! But my gosh, that stops nobody.

Now far be it from me to raise my hopes that Americans see this bullshit taking place. By all accounts, this country's very foundation is built on lies, revisionist history, scams, broken treaties, and pancakes, but you get the point. If we as Americans don't stop putting up with these kinds of shenanigans from our politicians, we are going to end up as the laughing stock of the world... or are we already there? Not Since Italy and it's illustrious leader Silvio Berlusconi (Google his 'bunga bunga' parties) has the globe laughed this hard at a nations political system.

It's pretty clear, at least to me, that the right wing now consists of self important idiots who believe everything that comes out of that fat fuck Rush Limbaugh's cigar-stained maw. If Rush says it, it is repeated until it becomes gospel. This is the party of people who don't think, don't want to think, and if you think, they think you're a fucking idiot. And they will never see their own hypocrisy, because cognitive dissonance is probably the most painful fuckin' thing in the world to their fragile minds. No way, Ted Cruz is all American, all the way (technically true, since Canada is THE OTHER HALF of North America)!

We get it though. You only care about the so-called 'natural born' clause when it suits YOU. Because empathy, facts, and of course, INTELLIGENCE, long ago abandoned the GOP.