Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Obama's State Of The Union Speech

Obama is frustrated with an unproductive, uncooperative, and very unpatriotic congress. And he means to show that tonight during the State of the Union speech. He will most likely detail his plans to use executive orders to by pass congress in issues such as the federal minimum wage (he is expected to raise the pay of federal contractors to a $10.10/hr minimum wage), immigration, and other issues. Where he can act, he says he will act. What he needs congress for, he will consult and lobby them. Some will see this as the President abusing his authority, and some will see it as 'about f**king time'.

Let's be really honest here. This IS the worst congress in US history. It has never been this polarized. It has never been this cantankerous, vitriolic, or otherwise. Never before in the history of the United States have congress people been so disrespectful of their own head of state, or failed to pass the most basic things such as a budget. But here we are. With an obstinate Tea Party wing of the GOP, a unified opposition to Obama from the right, and a Democratic party that is now entirely disinterested in dealing with the GOP and their tactics, it's a bloody miracle that the USA hasn't erupted into another Civil War.

We as citizens are clearly better behaved than our government.

The state of our union is pretty weak. Go online to any news website like CNN or Fox News and read their political comments sections. Conservatives, or Tea Partiers talk like they're stockpiling weapons to go to war with 'liberals', as left-leaning sites relentlessly accuse the right of outright stupidity. There are no friends to be made, no handshakes taking place, and if you dare to step foot into the news territory of your opposing political party, get ready for some of the most vitriolic bile to be thrown your way, especially if you are a liberal visiting places like Fox news or Breitbart. These people sound absolutely psychotic when talking about the president, or the left. Facts don't matter in this zone, only the most hurtful insults will do.

This is the state of our union: We are a country that basically hates itself and wants the other side out! Liberals wish conservatives would leave and found Texasistan, and I'm certain the conservatives would like liberals to all go to California, and have the state fall into the ocean. That's the state of our union, Mr. President.

So while we all give the President a few moments out of our day to listen to him tell us about how tough he's gunna get on congress, most citizens of the USA are really just waiting for one side to throw the first punch. Some serious healing has to begin in this country if we're to move forward. But how do you do that if neither party will deal with, listen to, or even suffer the other's presence anymore? What does the state of Congress tell us if we keep electing extreme ideologues, and sacrifice quality for quantity?

The state of our union is that it is on the brink of a clash between left and right. And come election day, we're about to see things get very ugly in this country. The gloves are off. The parties want to fight, not make up and play nice... it's going to be real crazy to watch. 

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