Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Unsinkable Chris Christie?

For the last few years, Chris Christie was one of those rare politicians that both moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans seemed to like, and it definitely reflected in the polls. He won the last re-election in a landslide, as often occurs with governors who have 'triumphantly' mitigated large statewide disasters, in his case, Hurricane Sandy. Indeed for a while there, it seemed as if Christie was this refreshing breath of a no-BS, plain spoken, intelligent, and reasonable politician. But of course as we all know by now, if something seems to be too good to be true, it most likely is.

I'll have to admit, I was under the spell. I had hoped that during 2016, we would have two well-qualified candidates for the presidency running, who would HELP and not HURT America as it seems many past administrations have done. From Reagan, to Bush Sr, to Bush Jr, to Obama, (I'll exclude Clinton as his administration was arguably one of the best you or I will ever experience), it seems that each procession of presidents has failed to live up to the hype on which it was built. I was hoping in 2016 that we would have a Hillary Clinton vs Chris Christie match-up. Somewhere in my misguided head, I thought to myself "America can't lose!". Then reality hits. They're all politicians, and they're all part of a special class of liars that fall into two sections: Those that don't get caught, and those that do.

There are really only a few 'honest' (real stretch using this word) politicians out there, especially in Washington, and I'd like to give a shout out to them in hopes they can set an example for the rest of that loony bunch of crooks. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has got to be the best Democrat in congress. I will give a HUGE thumbs up to Sen. Bernie Sanders of the Independent party. And even though I don't agree with his libertarian leanings, I do respect a guy like Ron Paul who practices what he preaches.

That being said, I thought I could put Christie into this group of politicians, but in all good conscience now, I can't. He's not honest. He's protecting himself. All the facts aren't in yet, but he's already been damned. He's 'lawyered up', he's already silencing people using that tired old stance of "Nuh UH!! That's not true, cos I said so!", already running a PR blitz....

My dear friend, if you have nothing to hide, then why are you acting like you do?

Let's face it, the unsinkable Chris Christie cruiser has sprung a leak, and is going down fast. The undertow alone is about to sink this fat, lying, Republican and both the GOP and the Democrats will cheer its destruction.

What I'm really mad about isn't that another crook Republican is going to lose it all. In fact, that makes me happy. I don't know how anyone who isn't a millionaire, part of the aristocracy, or an oil tycoon could, in their right mind, vote Republican. They are NOT fiscally responsible (every GOP administration has increased the national debt), they say they'll do one thing, then do the exact opposite (job creation anyone?), they're unabashed bigots, misogynists, and they HATE the poor and probably would rather they die then actually having to empathize with their plight... but I was HOPEFUL that Christie could set an example for the GOP on how NOT to be a completely fucked party of super-villains bent on dominating the nations under-privileged.

But then again, that goes back to my youthful naivete, and I am solely responsible for falling for this fat fuck's dog-and-pony show. Hindsight being 20/20, this guy is using EVERY play out of George W Bush, and Karl Rove's playbook.

Using a natural disaster as an attempt to show bipartisan cooperation? Check. Leveraging recovery funds for political favors? Check. Stacking agencies with personal friends and confidantes? Check. Using every opportunity to self promote? Check. Blaming that 'mainstream media' for your fuck ups? Check.

If I didn't know better, I'd think ol' Bushy Boy got his North Eastern Harvard accent back, and hit the Krispy Kreme until his fat got fat. But Bush is just too gosh darn busy painting the most intellectually devoid art on the planet to be bothered with politics anymore. The only thing surprising about that is that he's using a paint brush and not his fingers (awww ok, I'm being too mean to that war criminal -- I mean former President.... wait, strike that, reverse it... or whatever).

No, what's truly disappointing is that yet again, the United States thought for one god damned minute, we had an honest person for the people out there in government, working FOR US and not for themselves. Let's never be this stupid again. Politicians are not common people. They're hardly even Americans. They're part of an aristocracy that you or I will never experience. They are trained and professional liars. Most of them don't get caught, but when one does, you have to wonder what the fuck the other ones are getting away with.

Happy voting America.

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