Thursday, February 20, 2014

You Are Being Lied To, Constantly, By Your Own Party

Since Obama was elected on day 1 of his presidency, I clearly remember Fox news already criticizing him and saying that the economy was now his, that Bush's hands were clean, and that everything from here on out was Obama's fault. Our campaigns have become incredibly nasty. From the start of any campaign, opposing candidates run hit pieces on each other, drumming up wild rumors, planting false information about their opponents by way of paid political liars and operatives, and financing epic smear campaigns. And after the election is over, all of these falsehoods and suspicions remain. 

The Internet is rife with misinformation, and false stories written by bloggers and paid political pundits with agendas to discredit, destroy, and smear any politician with whom they do not agree. Obama has got to be the most lied about politician in recent memory. Every step he makes is seen by the right as 'sinister', or 'dark', and the GOP echo chamber recycles any lie and perpetuates it to shape their own reality, and make these lies perceived by the public as accepted truth. The more they repeat the same lie, the more people will accept it, recycle it in their heads, then repeat it to their friends, who trust them unquestioningly. 

In the Bush days, this happened too, although to a much smaller degree. Bush had so much legitimate criticism that Karl Rove had to go around destroying people before they spoke. Bush flatly lied about the reasons to go into Iraq. There were no WMD's, there was no connection between Iraq and al Qaeda, and certainly NO love between Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden. In fact, culturally, they were fierce enemies. Saddam was a dictator and hated any challenge to his ultimate authority, while bin Laden was a CIA trained warlord who fancied himself a prophet. The two would never have cooperated, but we were led to believe they did by a massive campaign to tell the American people anything that would stick: That he had a nuke, that he had chemical weapons (because we had the sales receipt from when Reagan tried to get Iraq to wipe out Iran... great plan). 

The criticism of Bush was overwhelming, from the perspective of the right, even though much of it was legitimate. Some criticism, such as the 9/11 'Truthers' was so far outside the realm of reality however, that the right immediately seized on this in order to discredit the left's criticism of Bush. From the perspective of the right, this solidified the idea that the left was nuts. And that when a Democrat would be elected president, they would do everything in their power to assault his character, his credibility, and even his patriotism. And the right sure does have a loud and unscrupulous media presence in which to utilize. In fact, from day 1, Sen. Mitch McConnell said "Our mission will be to oppose the president at every turn". They have effectively sabotaged any initiative that Obama has presented, and then blamed him for a failed presidency, and failed policy. He was never able to implement his policies, so how could they be a failure?

Everything Obama does is characterized as dark and evil by the right.

Obama wants you to get healthy and go to a doctor? Oh, that's some evil plan to get an evil government doctor to inject you with some drugs to MAKE you sick, and then he'll have a death council to oversee your final moments. Obama wants to end the war in Iraq? He's in league with al Qaeda, clearly, and is a secret Muslim. Obama was born in Hawaii to a white American mother, and a black Kenyan dad? He must be a secret African communist like Nelson Mandela, and wants to give the USA over to Sharia Law! Obama visited a foreign country? He did it on OUR DIME just go go play 'president'! Obama sneezed? He's trying to infect us all! Obama signed an executive order? He's seizing the country for himself and is planning on crowning himself emperor! Obama wants you to be more responsible with your firearms? He's coming to take your guns!

Those are just SOME of the outlandish lies that right wing media circulate about this man. And some people I know actually would rather believe this stuff and re-circulate it, rather than criticize him for the LEGITIMATE fuck ups he has incurred in his 6 years as President. He hasn't closed Gitmo. He hasn't ended the war in Afghanistan (and indeed, looks like he may negotiate for us to stay there). He hasn't succeeded in bringing peace to the Middle East. He hasn't completely fixed the economy... those are LEGITIMATE criticisms, and are fair game when we're talking about a guy who promised all of that when he was running. There is no need to spout lies to criticize this man. We get it, right-wingers. You absolutely loathe Obama. You've made that abundantly clear, but you look like complete assholes when you need to lie about someone to make your point, and you look like complete fools when you believe articles from right wing spin media. 

All politicians are corrupt, but not because they're secret communists, or sharia Muslims, or foreign born Manchurian candidates. They are corrupt because politicians have sold our country's government to Plutocrats, Aristocrats, and CEO's of mega-corporations. They don't work for you, they work for Exxon-Mobile. They work for Koch Industries. They work for Berkshire-Hathaway. They work for Shell. They work for Wal-mart. You do not have representation anymore. THAT is the reason you should  get angry, and get angry at yourself for allowing this to happen. When you didn't vote, you let this happen. When you believe the lies that OTHER POLITICIANS tell you in order to smear their opponent, you become less intelligent, less questioning, and more subservient to your proxied corporate masters.

The criticism of Obama has been turned by the right into a religion, with pundits in place of preachers, with a GOP playbook in place of a holy book. All it takes for you to buy into the enormous piles of bullshit being crapped out of the mouths of pundits now is a mere mention of Obama, followed by a conspiracy of your choice. "Obama is in league with aliens". "Obama is a spy for Indonesia". "Obama is a genetically engineered super-human sent by the Soviets to dupe us into converting to communism"... take your pic, these have all been said, and you KNOW none of that shit is true. You just like to repeat it because it fits your worldview. So you don't question it. Exactly like a religion. Ludicrous conspiracies are now making it impossible for legitimate criticism to be heard, and therefor, government actually CAN do whatever it wants, because you're so distracted by 'juicy media stories'.

I do hope that once Obama is gone, people of different political spectra realize what their parties have done to the political process, and to their minds. They've muddied the waters so bad that you can't tell the difference between a bald-faced lie, and legitimate criticism. You've been had, and you're being used.

I will reiterate - ALL POLITICIANS ARE BOUGHT. Seek out the REAL reasons to criticize them. Follow the money!! Don't be distracted by smoke and mirrors, false controversy, and all that jazz... You want to criticize Obama? There are many reasons other than "He's going to take all of your guns and declare martial law". They've been saying that since he was elected. It hasn't happened, it won't happen, and after he's out of office, it STILL won't happen... that is, until the right wing goes full-on corporate/fascist and actually DOES declare martial law. (Oh you see what I did there? Panic! The sky is falling! The GOP are going to take over the world, oh no!! Two can easily play this stupid game.).

I know this note will fall on deaf ears, but if you as an American voter are going to be so easily misled and manipulated, our government will NEVER get better, and our country's decline will become even steeper. An uneducated, ill informed, and highly brainwashed/misled electorate will only let the government become more and more corrupt. And then we really WILL be in serious trouble. This country is armed with NUKES. NUKES! We have a highly militarized police force, and the largest army of any nation. You won't stand a chance during a revolt. So EDUCATE yourself, and get out the VOTE. Vote in GOOD candidates, and support REAL LAWS!

Oh who am I kidding, go back to your Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty.... stupid America...

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