Thursday, April 3, 2014

You Just Lost What Little Power You Had Left

I sincerely hope people are paying attention, but my hopes are not high. Today, the conservative-leaning Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) basically just sold your democracy to the highest bidder. Thus ending the United States democracy as we know it. What do I mean? Allow me to explain.

 YOU, the voter, traditionally enjoyed several rights. The right to nominate your candidate, the right to donate a LIMITED amount to said candidate for campaigning, and the right to vote for the candidate you choose. This was the only power YOU had as a citizen, to control the direction of the country.

 As of yesterday, that is gone; POOF! Vaporized! Annihilated! Toast! Adios!

 This happened in three distinct stages, with today being the third stage. 

 1) Stage one.   
                                                                                                                                                       Citizens United. This decision ruled that SuperPAC's (Political action committees - organizations whos sole purpose is to campaign for candidates they agree with, or support, using anonymouscontributions from billionaires or corporate donors) could accept donations from anyone without needing to report who gave what to them by the IRS. Stephen Colbert lampooned the process on "The Colbert Report" a couple years ago, when he actually boxed up a 'kit' with actual legal paperwork, so that "You too can start a faceless money collecting machine!". We saw the effects of Super-PAC's on tv ads, which were not required to be factually accurate, and it turned into simply a mud slinging contest between the two parties. Most of us were sick of it, but some people believed the ads, and voted based on those. 

2) Stage two. "Money is free speech"

 In Buckley vs Valeo, the Supreme Court ruled that money is equal to free speech, and protected under the 1st Amendment... yes, you read that right. MONEY TALKS, BULLSHIT WALKS, is now enshrined in LAW! And since this is now legal precedent, that leads us to....

 3) Stage three - Yesterday - limits removed from political donations. The Supreme Court, now having enshrined in law anonymity for campaign contributors (except you of course, you are neither a billionaire, nor a corporation, so your personal contributions are a matter of public record. Don't believe me? Google yourself), and ruled that the amount of dollars you have equals the amount of free speech you are able to provide, this set the stage for yesterday's decision, which removed all limits on how much corporations or billionaires can pump into campaigns. While they are still limited on how much money they can donate PER candidate, they can funnel an unlimited amount into Super PACS, and to as many candidates as they want, nationwide, regardless of borders. 

 So, you no longer get to decide WHO is nominated to run. You no longer get to know who the politician is backed by. You no longer have the right to know how MUCH they have in their political 'battle-chest', and you have no hope in hell now to get back your rights. The Supreme Courts decisions are final, the Justices appointments are for LIFE, and the deck has been stacked PURELY in the favor of the super rich.This effort was led and paid for by Koch Industries, and more specifiaclly, David and Charles Koch. They are oil tycoons, and multi billionaires who make more in one day than you or I would be able to make in several lifetimes. And now, they own our government. BUT, they now have to contend with other billionaires, like Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet, or George Soros, or Sheldon Adelson. That's STILL not a representation of you or I.

While I am NEVER an advocate for violence, and certainly consider myself as close to a pacifist as is practical, it is time to revolt. It is time for you and I to put aside whatever false political differences we have to TAKE AMERICA BACK FROM THE BILLIONAIRE USURPERS OF OUR FREEDOM. It is time to seriously consider what our future will be like if we no longer have the rights to unionize, to nominate and support politicians on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD, to choose who runs and how much support they get. It is time to realize that today, The United States of America just died. Government is supposed to be composed of three 'separate but equal' branches. The executive, the legislative, and the judicial. The Judicial branch just added one final power, which now covers all three - The corporate branch. This will devolve quickly into a corporate-fascism. And if we don't get off of our asses and do something about it - like WRITE YOUR FUCKING CONGRESSMAN NOW, take to the streets in protest, and do EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO REVERSE THE DAMAGE DONE BY THE SUPREME COURT - you will deserve the future of corporate slavery we are about to receive. Mark my words.