Friday, August 29, 2014

Why doesn’t the GOP get this?

Seriously, can someone please take the time to educate me as to why the GOP simply seems to be unable to ‘get’ these following things:

1)      The Republican attitude towards women is abominable. Why is the GOP incapable of empathizing with women? Why is it always about controlling the vagina? Why is it about telling women whether they can or can’t control what goes on with their body? Why is it about telling women they aren’t allowed to be sexual or enjoy sex? Why can’t the GOP get it through their thick skulls that women are every bit as equal (or better) than men in many jobs and deserve equal pay? What is their problem with women? They KNOW they have to get females to vote for them, yet fuck them over at every opportunity. Lilly Ledbetter act? Filibustered. Fair pay act? Filibustered. Abortion? They want to destroy Roe v Wade and take us back to when desperate women used fucking coat hangers to abort an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion isn’t about enabling so-called ‘immoral behavior’. It is about providing safe ways to terminate pregnancy that don’t involve a woman taking matters into her own hands. It’s barbaric to deny this.

2)      Why doesn’t the GOP seem to ‘get it’ that other religions exist and have every RIGHT to exist, outside the so-called Christian mainstream? Why won’t they allow Atheists to participate in democracy? Is their goal TRULY to alienate non-Christians from not only their party, but the totality of American political discourse? Do they really want a religious government? Don’t they know that’s why the USA rebelled against Britain in the first place?

3)      Why must the GOP lie to get elected? Why must the GOP rig elections to get elected? Why must the GOP gerrymander districts to get elected? Why must they cheat, rather than tell the truth about their agenda? They promised they’d focus on JOBS, but instead focus on Obamacare, abortions, and war. Nothing to do with jobs, at all. Is it because they, in fact, have no credibility, no ideas, no seriously stand-out candidates, and run on mediocrity? And how does this in any way help our country?

4)      Why does the GOP not seem to get anything to do with race? Any time a minority cries foul, or ‘white privilege’, or gets shot, the GOP comes out swinging to defend the white perspective, further alienating Latinos, blacks, Asians, and more. Weren’t they supposed to tone that shit down to get more voters? Why have they seemed to double down on their racist attitudes while screaming ‘reverse racism’ when anything they perceive to be even remotely ‘anti-white’ comes out into the media? Do they not understand this? Do they not understand that ‘white = right’ is fucking stupid? Why do they constantly drone on with the ‘Lament of the Oppressor’? “If only those minorities would do what we tell them to… jeez”.

5)      Why is it so hard to accept science? Why don’t they support US scientific research, while China seems to be kicking our asses? What is it about science that they can’t accept? Just the evolution thing that challenges religion? Why is it that despite all of the obvious evidence of ocean acidification/warming, rising sea levels, and carbon levels, which correlate exactly with the Industrial Revolution, that the word of a few dissenting scientists hold more weight than the consensus of 97% of climatologists? Can someone explain to me why evidence is tantamount to blasphemy?

6)      Despite all evidence to the contrary, the GOP still back Reagan’s ‘Trickle Down Reaganomics’ as gospel, while communities who raise the minimum wage experience an instant boost in their living conditions, economy, and happiness. What. The. Fuck. Is. The. Problem. Are the wealthy so ‘fragile’ they can’t take a slight increase in wages? The fucking gas companies do it all the time, yet society plugs on. Are they stupid, or are they evil? Do they want the poor to get poorer, and the rich to get richer? Seriously?

7)      Why does the GOP always default to air strikes, ground troops, and CIA destabilization of countries they don’t agree with, or won’t give us what we want? Is it that fuckign serious that we need to kill people to get our way, and then pretend to cry foul when even ONE DROP of American blood is spilled? I mean for FUCK SAKE… one guy gets beheaded by ISIS in the Middle east, after we have LITERALLY killed over 300,000 Iraquis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, and Syrians in the ongoing Middle East turmoil… the GOP immediately starts their media zeitgeist saying “ISIS is unstoppable! They pose an imminent threat to the US mainland! ZOMGWTFBBQ the Muslims are out of control!”. Are we that fucking stupid to fall for this AGAIN?!

I feel like if there was a God, he’d have ended this shit already.
Any one of these questions begs an answer to the bigger question.

All of this I would be really curious to know. What I’m even more curious about is why the GOP and this mindset resonates with Americans at all. Aren't we supposed to be the good guys? What the hell happened to us?

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