Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Get real, Upworthy.

I know I’ll seem at the very least, slightly douchey, and at the most completely out of touch with humanity, but there are things that are bugging me about Upworthy (who I unfollowed now) at the moment.

It all started with the ‘100 catcalls’ video, and other ‘Upworthy’ videos being posted by Upwothy’s Facebook page. First of all, I don’t disagree with the messages, but I’m not liking the messenger. Upworthy’s slogan is “Things that matter, pass em’ on”. And while I do think, socially, women’s issues such as catcalling by males, IS something that should be addressed... right now, at this point in history, it should not be our FOCUS. And Women's issues PALE in comparison with issues that affect EVERYONE (all 7+ billion of us). About 4 out of 5 posts by them lately references this video, and are geared towards empathy (which isn't bad... it's just not the top threat to the world right now). Really, at this point in history I consider politics, money, social issues, and anything else completely secondary to the fact that humanity is destroying our planet, and if we continue to be distracted by—SQUIRREL!!! We are doomed.

So I unfollowed Upworthy. I don’t want to be distracted by first world problems, social issues, or petty politics. I don’t care if your feelings are hurt by the occasional whistle in your direction when compared to the acidification of the ocean and the death of its inhabitants. I don’t care about LGBT issues in the face of rising ocean tides which will destroy islands and the state of Florida (although if there is any state which  deserves it…). I don’t care about a kid hearing for the first time and making a cute face because he or she got a cochlear implant when compared to the fact that 50% of all species on this planet were annihilated by US. I don't care about my own issues, which is the global acceptance of Atheists as good people with things to offer, when compared with the imminent famine, death, and slow creeping destruction of our way of life.

I'm not saying these issues don't matter to me personally, but for the sake of the ENTIRETY of the human race, they are miniscule. 

These issues in the face of the looming destruction of our ecosystem which feeds us and keeps us alive are small. Upworthy, as of late, has dedicated probably 60-70% of posts SOLELY to shaming men (for what is basically male behavior you can see in any animal on the planet, but oh, we’re not part of the animal kingdom, I keep forgetting and Christians keep saying…), and women’s issues. Which, you know, if you ignore all the stuff I just said, seems perfectly reasonable. Women are sexualized, marginalized, harassed, cheated out of fair wages, and told what to do with their bodies. And I do weep for them.

However, NONE of that will matter if we are ALL DEAD. The recent U.N. report on Climate Change should have us all shitting our pants in regards to the ignorance, distraction tactics, and further stupidity of the human race in regards to this subject that seemingly nobody but scientists and the left wing is noticing. And even they have been pathetic at properly sounding the alarm on this topic.

Let me put it this way. Since 1990, we have killed HALF, I repeat, HALF of ALL SPECIES OF ANIMALS AND PLANTS ON THE PLANET. HALF!!!! That is literally hundreds of THOUSANDS of plants and creatures that no longer exist. The Amazon Rainforest, which is responsible for a very large percentage of H02 production (air) has been decimated, and the destruction is accelerating, not decelerating. The amount of carbon WE have pumped into the atmosphere is now higher than it was 120 million years ago after a comet impact! We have polluted our fresh water tables in the name of having electricity for customers, who are now being poisoned… great business model fuckers…

So yeah, I said adios to an Internet meme/article purveyor who isn’t improving our existence. Maybe in the short term they cater to social issues, but you have got to see that in 50-100 years, this planet will be damn near uninhabitable.

Rising oceans will erase island nations, like  Kiribati, Micronesia, Tuvalu, and more. More moisture in our atmosphere will drastically alter our climate, and produce stronger and worse storms (last year there were no less than two and possibly more “Super-Typhoons” which made Katrina look like a kitten in comparison). Less habitable land and a higher population (currently at over 7 billion, expected to reach 10 billion by 2020) will lead not only to more conflict and war, but famine and scarcity of food, potable water, and living space. More aggressive bacteria, not to mention viruses and bacteria which can survive being frozen for millennia (that’s thousands upon thousands of years) are reactivating and re-entering our mix…


Humanity, there is ONE problem to be solved at this moment, after which you can CERTAINLY move on to #firstworldproblems, or whatever else bugs you that nobody gave a rip about 100 years ago. YES, it is important to respect EVERYONE regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, or creed in the modern age. BUT it is NOT AS IMPORTANT as the fact that in everyone’s daily lives, you produce probably over 10-20 pounds of non-reusable waste. It’s NOT as important as the fact that water, you know, that boring clear liquid we need to SURVIVE is becoming so scarce that entire populations of people are dying. Every day. It’s not as important as the fact that the foundation of our food chain, or even links in it, are being threatened every day.

Get your damn priorities IN LINE people. Yes, every day I am reminded that I’m an Atheist in a Christian-dominated country. Yeah, I super hate it when I feel judged, or people just assume stuff about me. I totes can’t stand Internet ads, or the fact that everything Google is spying on me. And sure, I wish I had a flying car, and could take a space plane into zero gravity and fuck around.

But again, none of this, NONE OF THIS matters if we kill/maim/destroy our ONLY HOME.

The nearest habitable world to us is over 4 light years away. That’s in the Sirius system. Good luck getting there in one piece, with enough people to repopulate.

Come on people. Time to get selfless and REALLY get serious about “Things that matter”.

I’m not saying stop social progress. I’m not saying stop doing right by the oppressed and sticking it to the oppressors. What I AM saying is if we don’t address THIS looming issue and focus ALL OF OUR INTELLECT, MIGHT, AND POLITICAL CLOUT on it, all the shit you’re fighting for will only matter to an alien civilization that excavates our fossilized corpses thousands if not millions of years from now.


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