Thursday, January 22, 2015

There Is No Sugarcoating The Fact That Republicans Are Evil

While political hyperbole is rampant these days, I have a very hard time finding any negative criticism directed towards the GOP to be unfair. Plainly, there is not one honest Republican in government. They're all after your shit, and gaining power does not satiate them. They are the party of 'Let's say one thing and do another'. They are the party of 'stupid is fucking awesome, let's be feckless toolbags and say FUCK THE NERDS!'.

These guys have more power than I'd care to admit. They took control of Congress, and already they have:

Tried to kill Social Security
Gone after abortion (ad-nauseum, again and again... fucking assholes, leave it alone!)
Tried to start more wars (with Iran)
Promised to take away health care from the millions who bought it under Obamacare
Campaigned for LOWERING WAGES
Tried to enforce more of that failed 'welfare drug test' bullshit (costs more than it saves... but you know, math... empathy... meh)
Tried to pass Keystone XL pipeline (Thankfully Obama will veto this!), even though we have no less than THREE FUCKING OIL LEAKS destroying MASSIVE amounts of pristine wilderness, INCLUDING Yellowstone national park
Attempted to de-fund and neuter the EPA
Ted Cruz is now going to control the purse strings for NASA
They've barred the Pentagon from acknowledging that climate change is a threat
Redistricted the nation to favor their party and make it nearly impossible for Democracy to occur
Supported racist cops who shoot unarmed black teenagers

..and they call the Democrats 'evil socialist monsters'.

Guys, this is shit that SUPER-VILLAINS do, not politicians. This kind of fuckery would make Dr. Evil blush in admiration. These complete jagaloons have no respect for anything but that almighty and fictitious dollar.

Seriously America, what the fuck?

During this time, the GOP has literally convinced people that those 'radical leftists' are 'coming to get you'. It's like being punched repeatedly in the face by a bully saying "Look out for that dude over there helping that old lady cross the street, that guy wants to fucking kill you!". I do not know how Americans can be SO FUCKING STUPID to vote these guys into power. Really.

As a litmus test, I seriously want you to do this:

Go online. Look up ANY bills that were passed by the GOP in the last 20 fucking years and ask yourself if ANY OF THEM HELPED YOU?

I know the answer, which is "absolutely fucking nope". But humor me.

There is literally no harsh criticism I can give to the left, except for the fact that they are shrinking violets when it comes to getting aggressive in politics. That shit needs some serious work. They've tried very fucking hard to give you the liberties, and privileges that every American deserves. The right to grow old with dignity and not in poverty. The right to health care. The right to a well paying job. The right to higher education. The right to a public elementary education. The right to clean air and water (Wait, that was NIXON!!). The right to have a planet that support LIFE!!

What the actual fuck have any Republicans done for YOU other than demonize the left, attempt to destroy every mountain, river, and glacier, sell and burn more oil, and sabotage our country?

Really, what the fuck have they done? I BEG someone to tell me even one... fucking... thing...