Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders Will Change Things

Maybe you haven't heard about the Independent turned Democrat from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. You could be forgiven if you haven't. But a quick Youtube search reveals some of his greatest hits. He slams bad policy with the vigor of Lewis Black, while grasping the issues and the technicalities better than anyone I've ever seen. He may not win (although, that could change with enough exposure) due to his avowed status as a Democratic Socialist.

Now before you get the 'red fear' in you, there are plenty of very well off Democratic Socialist countries in the world. Sweden, Norway, Iceland... Germany. They are prosperous, have a well-educated public, affluence, low crime, and of course, universal healthcare and college. Is that REALLY so bad? No, it's not.

But this country is nothing like we've seen before. A recent study by Princeton University determined through mountains of evidence that the USA is now in fact an oligarchy - a government run by and for billionaires.

80% of this countries wealth is in the coffers of the top 1% of our population. Plainly speaking, a hundred or so billionaires own our government, our land, its corporations, and therefore - your ass. It is a new form of slavery, and one that affects every working American in this country regardless of who you are. Billionaires can make or break entire cities, neighborhoods and states. They have more money between them than the Republican and Democrat parties combined. The Koch Brothers alone posses more political pull than any group or PAC in the nation.

That's what Bernie's mad about, and he will bring it to our attention. This man heralds a revolution, if he can survive. Billionaires didn't get that rich by playing nice, and they didn't do it by following the rules we expect them to. No. They change the rules when they want, by buying representatives, courts, police, mayors and more. You and I can't do that no matter how many people we get together.

This is why we're an oligarchy. If power was represented by a percentage, we'd have less than 1% collectively.

Bernie Sanders wants to break up that power. Such concentrated wealth only begets its own gravity. You have enough money, and the interest alone will literally suck the wealth out of our economy. You get it now? There is absolutely something as being 'too rich' and 'too greedy'. You can literally 'break the game' and 'win' at the expense of all of us.

And he is the only person who knows exactly where the exacto knife needs to go. Hillary Clinton's last speeches were all to huge banks, like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup. You won't see Bernie cuddling up to banks. At least not those ones. What you will see him do is attempt to break them up. No more too big to fail, no more catastrophic recessions where only the rich recover.

People have been fooled by Republicans and Democrats alike about 'who's at fault for a shitty economy'. They both are. Both parties collectively live in a fantasy, where every American is a self-made-millionaire, or very close to it. That's the reality they lived. And it is true that someone can rise to power rapidly, if they sell their soul to the machine, but that's not normal life in America. Normal life is having a boss, going to work, making a paycheck, keeping the economy moving with products and services. They don't provide that. They fund raise, and sign laws.

Bernie Sanders most likely won't win, but he will get my vote. I cannot in good conscience keep on contributing to politicians that truly do not have our best interest at heart, and are not qualified to lead this great country. Bernie has the wisdom, years, knowledge, and experience to make this happen.

A revolution is coming, and even if Bernie does not win, people will have heard the truth from a man who is not buying the bullshit, and who wants to warn you. You may not vote for him, but listen to what he says. He knows we're all in danger, and knows exactly why. 

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