Friday, October 2, 2015

This Is No Longer A Serious Country

I was watching HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher the other week, when he had John Cleese as a guest. I've been beating my brain over the rocks for the last decade or so trying to figure out why the hell America is as insane as it is. How insane is it?

We elected Bush Jr twice, even though we knew he and Cheney were bald-faced liars and war criminals. Americans barely flinched when it was 're-revealed' by Edward Snowden that we are all under surveillance (but you know, Google beat the NSA to that one). We resist commonsense gun legislation because of the 2nd Amendment, in spite or perhaps because of the level of violence plaguing this country in terms of horrific bi-weekly mass killings, We pride ourselves on our comedy, yet refuse to get serious.

Which brings me back to John Cleese's statement on Bill Maher's show: "The United States is no longer a serious country". He said it with a laugh, but I was frozen after he said it. He's right. We are Bizarro-world, where up is down, left is right, and gravity is still a 'theory'.

We are NOT a serious country. If we were, we'd practice what we preach, actually act like the good guys we think we are, and stop this nonsense.

America is racist. It's homophobic (although that is slowly changing). We're xenophobic, even though we are a nation of immigrants. We're about morality, although we don't practice that abroad, at war, or diplomatically. We distort history for political agendas. We promote firearms when firearms are a serious problem, and vehemently. We promote saving the environment while destroying it. We promote equality abroad, without practicing it at home. We bemoan slums, ghettos, and favelas, yet we have one of the highest poverty rates in the world now.

John Cleese is so correct. We are not in fact a serous country, and that should scare the living shit out of everyone, since we also happen to have the largest arsenal of nukes in the world (well, its a see-saw with Russia, but you know what I mean).

America no longer values the harsh truths of reality. We're now so fiercely Christian, we ignore our secular leaps - like science, space travel, technology, etc - in favor of a bizarre longing for the Apocalypse. 80% of Americans actually believe in this horse shit. Kentucky is even planning a "Zombie Apocalypse Awareness" event, run by the CDC...

We, as a country, have lost our damn minds. We are a nation of absurdities, or contradictions, and hypocrisy. 

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